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Basic Elements and Principles of Interior Design of Buildings

Interior design is an art of designing the inside space of a building creatively and technically. The designed space should be visually attractive and allow the clients to perform their works. The client or user should not feel discomfort with the position of an object in a space or by the color, size, and shape of an object. Elements of Interior Design Color Light Shape Space Line Texture Color Color is an important element of interior design. It plays vital role such as client can decide the whole design just by color observation. Colors should be used in such a way that it represents its function and it should facilitate good comfort. Here are some color suggestions for different rooms: Natural Colors Yellow, green, blue, organic browns etc. are come under natural colors. They gave delicate or bold accent to the interior. Natural colors remind the sense of outdoors. So, these are most suitable for bedrooms, bathrooms etc. where individuals likely to relax or fre

How to Prevent Errors During Setting Out Building Plan on Ground?

Setting out building plan on ground is one of the most significant steps in building constructions and any errors at this stage would cause considerable problems, if it is not tackled immediately. Errors During Setting Out Building Plan on Ground There are different types of errors that might be made when a structure is set out for example gross errors, systematic errors and random errors. These errors should be prevented and there are some measures to tackle these issues. These measures will be discussed in the following sections. Fig.1: Setting Out of Building Plan on Ground Fig.2: Setting Out Building Plan on Ground How to Prevent Errors During Setting Out of Building? Following are the different types of control that should be carried out to prevent any errors during setting out building plan on ground: Good practice in office On site control Equipment and staff Checks Marking the ground Use of grid offset Good Practice in Office To successfully set