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How to Protect Foundation Structures from Soils and Ground Water Attacks?

Foundation is an essential part of structures and it greatly affects structural integrity of the structure. Foundation structures are commonly subjected to different forms of attacks from underground water and soils and hence necessary protection measures are required to be undertaken. How to Protect Foundation Structures from Soils and Ground Water Attacks? In this article, consideration regarding the attacks on foundation structures caused by harmful elements in soils and ground water are discussed as follows: Causes of attacks Soil and groundwater exploration Protection of concrete foundation structures against attacks in soil and ground water Protection of steel piles against corrosion Protection of timber piles Causes of Attacks on Foundation Structures There are different types of attacks that various types of foundation may suffer from. The following states various causes of attacks that different types of foundations namely concrete foundation, steel piles, and

Methods of Bridge Column Casing -Properties, Details and Uses

the purpose of providing bridge column casing is to improve ductility, shear and flexural capacity of the column and occasionally restricting bridge column radial dilating strain at plastic hinge areas. There are different methods employed for bridge column casing such as steel casing, concrete casing, fiber reinforced plastic composite casing, and wire wrap casing. m ethods of Bridge Column Casing Steel casing Bridge concrete column casing Fiber reinforced plastic composite casings Wire wrap casings Steel Casing of Bridge Columns Generally, there are three classes of steel casing which is being practiced and used to improve seismic performance of bridge columns. The first type termed as class F type of column casing is completely grouted and it covers up the entire height of the column. Not only does it utilized to enhance flexural capacity of the column but also improves shear capacity. Therefore, it is suitable for column with shear and flexural deficiency. It a