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Top Rated trusted Construction Estimating Software Options

Do you feel like your company loses too many bids? The problem could be that you're bidding too high or not accurately assessing the costs involved in a given project. Want to make your next bid a winner? Then you need the right estimating software to help you put in the best bid possible. Here are a few suggestions for software titles that can help you put that together. HCCS Heavy Bid HCCS HeavyBid is currently being used by over 35,000 estimators and is considered by many to represent the industry standard in estimating software. It is implemented by companies of every description, from the smallest of subcontractors to huge multinational construction companies. HCCS has proven to be a perfect fit for both public and private contracts in utility transportation, oil and gas, and power. It helps contractors accurately and swiftly prepare detailed cost estimates and convert them into bids. HeavyBid allows users to generate estimates more quickly by uti

Steps to Starting a Construction Management Business

If you've been reading my blog for a while as a casual observer but think you have what it takes to start and build your ​own company, we have some advice for you. A good plan can often make the difference between success and failure. Starting a new business off on the right foot may not guarantee success, but it positions you much better for it. With that in mind, let's have a look at the eight most important things to consider when starting a construction management business. Develop a Good Business Plan This is important for two reasons: It is a huge part of what lending institutions use to gauge whether they want to help fund your business, and it also helps you clarify in your mind the direction you want to take your business. Construction management is a broad description. You need to narrow it down. Do you plan to do residential or commercial construction? Will you specialize in new construction, or will you focus on improvements, remodeling