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Professional Construction Management and its Benefits for Construction Projects

A professional construction management team consists of professionally efficient construction managers and individuals. These professional construction management team carry out the planning, designing and construction of projects in an integrated manner. Conflicts due to any disagreeing between the team members is minimized by keeping certain contractual agreements within the team. This help in bringing greater response and output from the management team. Table of Contents  [ show ] Qualities of a Professional Construction Manager There are certain specific requirements and proficiencies, that professional construction manager is specialized at when placed in a professional construction management. Some of them are specified below: 1. construction manager must move with the ideas of the owner and the Architectural / Engineering firm’s representatives, from the beginning of the project. If needed, essential opinions and recommendations must be suggested on the design of

Strategic Construction Project Planning and Programming Criteria

Strategic construction project planning and programming all the activities carried out helps to shape the programming of its capital projects. This planning is mainly dependent on the demand that is obtained from the market and the constraints in the resources. The programming process of a construction project initiates steps to fix those activities that are of higher priority. These also leads to fix to time-related to the same, to complete the overall objective and target of the organization within the time constraints. When a construction project is started after this decision of strategic planning and programming, the timely completion of the project is possible. This ensures the market pressure early so that no later concerns arises. The influence of market pressure, on the facility initiation, is a concern in many types of construction activities. This problem is an obvious concern for industrial construction. We need to realize the fact that, under certain situations, the

Prestressed Masonry -Methods of Prestressing, Advantages and Applications

Prestressed masonry makes the masonry structures strong in tension. Advantages and applications of prestressed masonry and their methods of prestressing is discussed. Prestressed Masonry – Advantages and Applications, Methods of Prestressing Generally, masonry is substantially very strong in compression however it is considerably weak in tension and this is the cause of limitation of masonry utilization in structural member which are subjected to tension force. Moreover, the restriction on the use of masonry can be tackled by introducing either reinforced or prestressed bars. Prestressed masonry may be obtained by providing compressions in advance at a required degree to act opposite to the tension that the masonry subjected to under service loads. In this article the prestressing masonry advantages, methods of prestressing, and its applications will be discussed in the following sections. Fig.1: Prestressed Masonry Model Constructed from Fly Ash Brick Fig.2: Use o