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Basic Requirements in Swimming Pool Construction

Swimming pools are constructed with concrete as a material for residential as well as hotels, clubs and schools. The concrete material has proved to be one of the long-life material that is best suited for this construction.

Basic Requirements in Swimming Pool Construction

The basic requirements for swimming pool construction are:
1. It is necessary to have a pool shell i.e. the pool floors and the walls to be structurally sound.
2. The pool shell must be designed and constructed so that they have good water tightness. This condition must be followed when the pool is full or partially filled.
Some of the swimming pools due to the area of the construction may be constructed below water table.
This demands for higher water tight pool shell in order to resist the penetration and the infiltration of the ground water. This condition can exist even if the pool is filled with water or vacant.
3. The floor and the wall surface in the interior of the swimming pool must be properly finished with a smooth, reasonably impervious and an attractive material.
This must enable easy cleaning of the surface. The water within the pool must be of proper standard of clarity and purity.
4. The pool must have a walkway that surrounds the perimeter of the pool. The width of the walkway must be 1.5m in minimum value.
This walkway must be finished with a non-slip material that can be easily cleaned and highly durable.
5. For pools that are used by young children and non – swimmers, there must be provision for safety steps all around the walls.
The location of the steps must not be greater than 900mm below the water level. This arrangement is shown in the figure-1.
Safety Step Provision for swimming pools
 Fig.1. Safety Step Provision for Swimming Pools
6. The provision for diving board is based on the swimming association of the region. This varies if the pool is installed for diving competitions.

Construction Details for Residential Swimming Pools

Gunite mixture of sand, cement, fly ash, pea stone, and water that is sprayed over a steel reinforced is the procedure employed for the construction of residential pools.
If the construction is carried out in a ground area where there is larger levels of water tables and ground water infiltration, a layer of vinyl liner with a structural back up is provided. The shapes that is employed for the construction of residential pools is unlimited that is within the safety limit.

Open Pools and Covered Pools for Hotels, clubs, and Schools

The open pool construction has limited choice because they are mainly constructed on the same plot of the building. In case of pools that are constructed for schools, there is an exception as here the pools are constructed as a part of the ground facilities.
Open Pools
Fig.2. Open Pools
The basic considerations that are taken for the construction of open pools are as follows:
  1. The pool position must be such that it receives maximum sun as possible. This must receive sufficient amount after afternoon.
  2. The location that have trees near to the vicinity must be avoided. This is because the roots of the trees can cause damage to the structure. The leaves can cause discoloration also.
  3. Provision of natural wind break as a part of the main building is recommended.
  4. The positions of utilities like drainage, electricity, gas supply lines are very important.
  5. Landscaping near to the swimming pool area have to carried out with proper professional guidance.
The covered Pools have many advantages when compared with the open pools. If the open – air pool can be used for 150 days, the covered pool can be used for a comfort period of 365 days.
Closed PoolsFig.3: Closed Pools
The advantages of covered pools are:
  1. The problems of freeze and thaw is minimized.
  2. The wall and the floor staining is minimized.
  3. The discoloration of the walls due to dead leaves are avoided.
  4. The chances of developing air borne dirt can be eliminated.
  5. The major disadvantages that are faced in covered pools are the occurrences of condensation on the walls of the pool, ceiling, and windows. The extreme condensation depends on the method of construction and the roof space.


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