25 iPad Apps Every Engineer Needs

If you’ve made a career in engineering, or if you’re a student or just starting on that career ladder, you can find plenty of tools to help you out if you own an iPad. The following 25 iPad apps that every engineer needs includes a broad range of generic tools, productivity apps and references that can provide engineers from all fields with support with a single tap of your finger. Prices, including free apps, are noted with each entry. Visit the iPad app store for more tools for your trade.
  1. gpsCompass let you know where you are and where you are going by using Apple iPhone’s Location Services. this application displays a GPS compass and common GPS data fields to help you find your location and track your movement, and is compatible with iPad. Current price is $1.99.
  2. Graphing Calculator turns your phone or iPad into an intuitive high-resolution function plotter and scientific calculator. Quickly plot and trace multiple equations on the same graph, and use a custom keyboard to speed up equations. Graph view supports portrait and landscape modes. Current price is $1.99.
  3. iCamViewer from CCTV Camera Pros is a free app that allows you to view up to 8 IP security cameras from your iPad. For a list of compatible cameras and video servers please visit CCTV Camera Pros. Free.
  4. iSeismometer converts your iPad to a seismometer. Whether you take the tool seriously or not, it can provide tons of mesmerizing tap-based activities. Free.
  5. OffMaps allows you to access searchable maps, your position and bookmarks wherever you are, even offline and abroad and includes guides for all U.S. counties. Current price is $1.99.
  6. PCalc Lite Calculator is a fully functional taste of TLA Systems Ltd.’s popular scientific calculator. It includes an optional RPN mode, multiple undo and redo, unit conversions and constants, as well as two stylish themes and our highly praised design. Free.
  7. Ruler turns your iPad into a top accurate ruler with a single touch. You can measure any object by simply placing it on the device screen or just next to it. You can switch from inches to centimeters on the information screen. Free.
  8. Topo Maps provides more than 69,000 maps covering the United States and Canada, including Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Current price is $7.99.
  9. TouchCalc is a comfortable calculator program that offers several different modes from scientific to statistics. Colorized keys will help to distinguish between the different categories of the functions and operations. Free.
Desktop ConnectProductivity
  1. Desktop Connect allows users to instantly connect to any computer from anywhere in the world. Optimized specifically for the iPad, you can view and control Windows, Mac OSX and Linux computers as if you were sitting in front of them, or observe others as if you were watching over their shoulder.
  2. PaperDesk LITE for iPad lets you leave your paper behind with this simple, easy-to-use notebook replacement made specifically for the iPad. The entire design goal behind PaperDesk was to mimic, as closely as possible, a simple pad of paper with no unnecessary frills. Free.
  3. PDF Reader Pro can assist in uploading your desire PDF files to your iPad through WiFi, and allows file directory management. It also provides landscape view. Document scanner feature is included. Current price is $.99.
  4. PrintCentral for iPad allows users to print direct to most WiFi printers or to all printers and any document type via your Mac or PC, even over 3G. Current price is $9.99.
  5. Quickoffice Connect Mobile Suite provides you with continuous and convenient access to your same content across multiple devices, such as from office workstations to home computers, laptops, iPhone or iPad using your existing user account.
  6. SpeakEasy Voice Recorder gives you a recording studio that fits into your pocket. Recordings in SpeakEasy can now be easily transferred to any computer on your WiFi network. Current price is $1.99.
  7. WebEx for iPad allows you to tap into online meetings on your iPad, no matter your location. You don�t need a WebEx account to attend WebEx meetings. Free.
  8. WiFi HD Free turns your iPad into a wireless, mobile external hard drive. You can now share, copy, and backup your files to and from your PC, Mac, Linux or another mobile device. Free.
Formulas FreeReference
  1. Formulus Free is a simple, easy to use, easy to navigate collection of the most important formulas and topics for calculus and differential equations. Free.
  2. Molecules is an application for viewing three-dimensional renderings of molecules and manipulating them using your fingers. New molecules can be downloaded from the RCSB Protein Data Bank, an international repository of biological molecules and their 3-D structures. Free.
  3. NASA App collects, customizes and delivers an extensive selection of dynamically updated information, images and videos from various online NASA sources in a convenient mobile package. Free.
  4. Periodic Table of Elements provides users with 117 different elements in Japanese and in English. By placing the screen in portrait mode, you can view the periodic table of elements in color, categorized by each element’s classification. Free.
  5. Popular Science+ has been completely re-imagined for iPad, so everything about this magazine app comes to life with a touch of a finger. It’s all the content from the print issue, completely re-imagined and redesigned for the iPad, with an easy navigation for exploring the issue. Current price is $4.99.
  6. Science Glossary provides an extensive glossary of scientific terms and short biographies of key scientists. All definitions link to related terms and detailed science learning modules. Free.
  7. The Chemical Touch is a touch-sensitive periodic table and chemical information companion. Having exhausted the built-in information, the Internet button opens a Wikipedia page for the selected element, amino acid, or nucleobase. Current prices is $.99, The Chemical Touch: Lite Edition is free.
  8. Unit Converter Pro is the complete conversion tool with a massive list of categories and units, including currency, length, speed, weight and more. Current price is $.99.


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