10 Time Clock Software & Apps You Should be Using

10 Time Clock Software & Apps You Should be Using

Compared to other industries, keeping track of time and attendance is especially difficult for construction companies. With various teams, multiple jobsites and odd work hours to deal with, it is very easy to get disorganized and disjointed. Creating a schedule is the first step, however, efficiently tracking and monitoring workers hours is much more difficult. Without a platform that can aid project managers, back office staff and workers in the field to punch in and out, payroll becomes extremely difficult and disorganized. This list uncovers the 10 of the most popular time and attendance tools for construction businesses of all sizes.
Timesheet Mobile is a GPS-enabled time, attendance and scheduling tool designed to track mobile employees. Ideal for small businesses, or construction companies making the move to mobile, this app integrates with Freshbooks and Quickbooks and requires a quick and easy setup.
9. APS
Common among restaurants and hospital, APS is ideal for businesses that deal with a large workforce. APS uses a centralized database which makes absentee management, payroll, time & attendance much simpler. APS also specializes in automated workflows that aids in administrative payroll tasks. Through tablets and smartphones, APS makes punching in and out simple.
8. Ximble
Ximble is a popular tool for workforce management, integrating with HR, Payroll and POS. Available in over 30 countries, Ximble offers a multi language platform. Other features include GPS tagging, Mobile app with Geo fencing, and Time Clock with IP restrictions.
Targeting small businesses, When I Work has a simple user interface and is an affordable option. It also integrates with payroll providers Gusto, ADP and accounting systems like Quickbooks. Other features include flextime tracking, sick leave and vacation tracking.
Deputy is a workforce managing software that specializes in scheduling, timesheets, employee communication and administrative tasks. Deputy is often selected for its ease of use and easy payroll integration. Deputy works on mobile phones, tablets and computers.
Along with its time clock capabilities, Ascentis software is a web-based is used to hire, onboard and manage payroll. With Ascentis, users are able to schedule tasks, store employee details and simulate paycheck information.
Synerion is a workforce management software with over 30 years of experience. Businesses use Synerion for time and labor, scheduling, absence management, labor allocation, timesheets and HR. Synerion is another platform used by technology companies, colleges, and restaurants.
This platform is the choice for many construction companies that wish to integrate their HR database along with their time & attendance. Made for small to medium sized businesses, this SaaS-based platform offers simple deployment, and an affordable option for a variety of functions.
Humanity is another web-basd time clock software and has proven to be an affordable alternative for many construction companies. Humanity is the time clock software choice for many businesses outside of construction, speaking to how intuitive and flexible the software can be. Humanity’s top features include its integration with payroll providers, as well as GPS tracking which is used to verify location, which is especially important for construction.
TSheets is the construction industry’s leader in time management. Its performance remains consistent among all business sizes, and utilizes mobile technology to efficiently track and monitor worker hours.  Through Android or iOS mobile phones, computers, tablets, computers, SMS and dial-in numbers, TSheets gives users flexibility when punching in and out. Integrated with Xero, QuickBooks, Sage, ADP and more, TSheets can be paired with the most popular payroll providers in construction.


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