Cost Effective Ferrocement Small House

Cost Effective Ferrocement Small House

Ferrocement is a highly versatile form of reinforced concrete made of wire mesh, sand, water, and cement, which possesses unique qualities of strength and serviceabilit...
Ferrocement is a highly versatile form of reinforced concrete made of wire mesh, sand, water, and cement, which possesses unique qualities of strength and serviceability. It can be constructed with a minimum of skilled labour and utilizes readily available materials.
Ferrocement has a very high tensile strength-toweight ratio and superior cracking behavior in comparison to conventional reinforced concrete. This means that thin ferrocement structures can be made relatively light and watertight. Hence, ferrocement is an attractive material for the construction of prefabricated housing units, boats, barges, and other portable structures.Figure 1. show all the component of ferrocement wall.
Admixture: Chemical admixtures used in ferrocement serve one of the following four purposes: water reduction, which increases strength and reduces permeability; air entrainment, which increases resistance to freezing and thawing; and suppression of reaction between galvanized reinforcement and cement.
 Mortar Mix:The reaction of port land cement and water results in formation of hardened cement paste. The ranges of mix proportions recommended for common ferrocement applications are sand-cement ratio by weight, 1.5 to 2.5, and water-cement ratio by weight, 0.35 to 0.5. Fineness modulus of sand, water-cement ratio and sand-cement ratio should be determined from trial batches to insure amix that can infiltrate (encapsulate) the mesh and develop a strong and dense matrix. Water reducing admixtures may be used to enhance mix plasticity and retard initial set, as with conventional concretes. The behaviour of mortar is similar to that of plain concrete. The major distinction is the size of the aggregate used. In general a good quality mortar is stronger and more durable than good quality concrete; however, their basic response to the environment is essentially the same. 
Ferrocement products are an ideal substitute for wood and they can be extensively used in various components of a housing like door, Roofing etc.Indian Experiences have shown that construction cost could be reduced by about 20to 40% if ferrocement products are used in place of conventional wood or R.C.C.Components. Developing countries where mass social housing projects are being taken up the use of ferrocement components would go a long way in helping them to build houses at economical cost and also at a faster rate.


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