Types of Building Repair and Maintenance Services

Building repairs and maintenance services mainly includes works undertaken for maintaining proper condition of buildings, its services and works in ordinary use. The use for which buildings are designed is the main factor in determining the required standard of maintenance.
Excessive building maintenance should be avoided. At the same time, building maintenance should ensure safety to the occupant or the public and should comply with the statutory requirements. The need also depends upon intensity of usage.
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Types of Building Repair and Maintenance Services

The types of building repair and maintenance service works are:
  • Day to day repairs service facilities
  • Annual repairs
  • Special repairs
In addition to above, additions and alterations Works in the buildings, Supply & maintenance of furniture & furnishing articles should also be done.
Building Repair and Maintenance Services

1. Day to Day Repairs

Day to day repairs include service repairs which arises from time to time in the services of the buildings such as in plumbing works, water supply, etc.
Examples for such repairs are removing chokage of drainage pipes, manholes, restoration of water supply, replacement of blown fuses, repairs to faulty switches, watering of plants, lawn mowing, hedge cutting, sweeping of leaf falls etc.
The purpose of this maintenance service is to ensure satisfactory continuous functioning of various services in the buildings.

2. Annual Repairs

This maintenance service is carried out to maintain the aesthetics of buildings and services as well as to preserve their life, some works like white washing, distempering, painting, cleaning of lines, tanks etc. are carried out periodically. These works are planned on year to year basis.

3. Special Repairs

Special repairs of building are undertaken to replace the existing parts of buildings and services which get deteriorated on ageing of buildings. It is necessary to prevent the structure & services from deterioration and restore it back to its original conditions to the extent possible.

4. Additions and Alterations

The works of additions/alterations are carried out in buildings to suit the special requirements of occupants for functional efficiency. The facilities in buildings are updated by carrying out such works.

5. Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is carried out to avoid breakdown of machinery and occurrence of maintenance problems in buildings and services. Works of preventive maintenance are carried out on the basis of regular inspection survey.
Preventive maintenance includes works to prevent deterioration of building parts (which depends on climatic conditions), pollution, fungi, the insect attack, subsidence, flooding, intensity of usage, careless usage, seepage etc..


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